Five-Axis Vertical Machining Center for Titanium Applications

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Work hardening makes machining titanium incredibly difficult and in some extreme cases, causes surface or internal damage to the metal—rendering it scrap. To set customers up with the optimal machining environment, the engineering team at JTEKT Toyoda Americas Corp. works to provide cutting-edge solutions offsetting the challenges of machining heat-resistant superalloys.

The UA2090 Ti vertical machining center is designed for large-part machining of titanium and hard alloy components with a tilting head supporting five-axis machining. The spindle head is adapted with an 8,000-rpm, 35-hp spindle that has a maximum torque of 811 foot-pounds (1,100 Nm). The rugged five-axis and A and B head design allow for simple five-axis programming. The machine also features oil-recirculating heat exchange to keep the spindle temperature constant for minimal thermal spindle expansion, and a unique counterbalance system on the headstock promoting smoother operation and long-term accuracy.

In the UA2090 Ti series, boxway construction is paired with linear roller guideways, adding fast rapids and maximum vibration-damping for heavy cutting. High rigidity is maintained with cylindrical roller bearings, offering more surface-to-surface contact than ball bearing packs. This hybrid construction is well-suited for aerospace-grade titanium cutting, where a combination of roughing and fine precision finishing is required.

Learn more information about Toyoda’s machine line up for IMTS, visit toyoda.com/imts2018.