Grooving Tools Come in Three Styles for Different Industries


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Arno Werkzeuge USA introduces its SA series of cutting tools and inserts for grooving and parting-off or cutoff operations. The modular grooving system, using a single toolholder, can be transformed into different tool variants by changing the support blade and clamp. Enabling different operations with one tool, this grooving system provides chip removal in all three main cutting directions. The SA range also features precision-ground two- or three-edged cutting inserts in various designs, shapes and types to maximize cutting performance, speed and efficiency.

The series comes in three unique systems—monoblock, modular and blade-style—to accommodate the requirements of machining operations in aerospace, plastics and medical industries. The company says the SA series provides a cost-effective solution for radial grooving as well as parting off of diameters ranging to 5.512" (140 mm). The SA monoblock holder is used with a range of double-sided inserts including the Arno SA16, SA17, SA24, SA35 und SA40 in widths of 0.059", 0.079", 0.118", 0.157", 0.197", 0.236", 0.315 " and 0.394" (1.5, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm).  


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