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2/23/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

Heavy-Duty HMCs Machine Large Parts

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Mag’s modular HMC 1250/1600 series is designed for high-precision, high-productivity machining for the aerospace, power generationand off-road industries.

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Mag’s modular HMC 1250/1600 series is designed for high-precision, high-productivity machining for the aerospace, power generationand off-road industries. Various spindle options are available for special- and general-purpose applications: 6,000- and 8,000-rpm/46-kW (61.6-hp) tilt-spindles with +90/-120 degree, A-axis travel; an all-around 10,000-rpm/ 46-kW (62-hp) spindle; a high-speed 24,000-rpm spindle; a high-torque, 2,600-Nm/80-kW (1,918 foot-pound) spindle; and two live spindles measuring 110 and 130 mm in diameter. The high-torque spindle is said to be well-suited for hard-metal cutting, while the live spindles extend W-axis reach by as much as 800 mm (31.5"). This enables high-precision, deep-cavity milling with short, rigid tools, the company says. The live spindles also feature Z-axis thermal compensation software, which is designed to dynamically offset spindle growth to maintain tight tolerances.

A 3,000-mm (118") work-zone swing and 15,000 kg (33,000 lb.) pallet-load capacity increase application flexibility. The X-bed, Z-bed, column and other major machine components are made of cast ductile iron. Headstock and rotary table housings are made of gray cast iron. The modular design provides a range of machine travels, 60- to 300-tool magazines and two control options.

The HMC features 56- to 100-kW (75- to 133-hp) spindle power and 35-kN (7,870-lb.) Z-axis thrust. A 360,000-position, contouring, hydrostatic rotary table provides a rigid work platform, while a rugged worm gear drive with clamp securely holds axis position, the company says. Rotary table positioning accuracy is 10 arcseconds, repeatable to 5 arcseconds. Positioning accuracy of the tilt-spindle is 4 arcseconds, repeatable to 2 arcseconds.

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