Hexagon's WorkNC 2020.0 Accommodates Any Tool Shape

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Production Software’s latest version of WorkNC focuses on users’ shopfloor productivity by introducing five-axis machining for any tool shape.


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The latest version of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Production Software’s WorkNC CAD/CAM package focuses on users’ shopfloor productivity by introducing five-axis machining for any tool shape. WorkNC 2020.0 allows for five-axis tool shapes such as barrel, oval, parabolic and others to be calculated over part surfaces, including negative offsets (allowances).

WorkNC’s Advanced Toolform solution allows for multiple surfaces to be machined at the same time in CAD models coming from any source, whether solid- or surface-based.

The Wall Machining tool path now includes spiral patterns and 2D toolpath compensation. Sharp edges are protected by a corner smoothing radius, and retracts have been optimized to reduce machining time.

Finishing tool paths can now handle bottom stock allowances, and the global roughing tool path can access difficult regions by allowing miniscule shank approximations.


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