High-Speed Milling Grades Provide Durability, Reliability

Dormer Pramet has released their latest high-performance grades for milling hard materials.


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Dormer Pramet has released the M4303 and M4310 high-performance grades for milling hard materials. The milling grades provide durability and reliability in semi-finishing and finishing applications.

Each grade is designed for high-speed milling in the die and mold sector, offering consistent wear and longer tool life. An ultra-thin PVD coating increases cutting edge toughness, while the substrate provides durability and strength, preventing fracture by chipping.

The M4303 replaces the previous 7205 grade and provides better wear resistance. Developed for hardened steel above 55HRC and cast iron, it can also be used for machining steels and nonferrous metals.

The M4310 replaces the existing 7215 grade and offers a balance between toughness and wear resistance in hardened steel and cast iron. It can also be used for machining stainless steel, steels and nonferrous metals.


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