Linear Drives Double Productivity of Single-, Twin-Spindle Machining Centers

Chiron’s single and twin-spindle models FZ08 FX and DZ08 FX compact milling centers are now equipped with Chiron’s dynamic precision package.


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Chiron’s single and twin-spindle models FZ08 FX and DZ08 FX compact milling centers are now equipped with Chiron’s dynamic precision package, which was presented at IMTS last year on the FZ08 MT machine model. According to the company, the new DZ08 FX Precision+ and the FZ08 FX Precision+ are up to 50 percent more productive than the previous models thanks to a new drive concept.

Chiron has replaced the ballscrews with non-contact electromagnetic linear guides in X-, Y- and Z-axis which is said to ensure a noticeable increase in dynamics. The machines feature a two-axis tilt rotary table for efficient complete machining with five simultaneously controlled axes. In addition, the company has optimized structural components and increased the machine’s rigidity.

A new fixture changing system has also been specially developed for impeller production that allows easy clamping and loosening from the top without having to dismantle other components. An optimized interference contour also ensures optimal accessibility and allows the use of short tools, the company says.

Water-cooled drives in all axes are said to ensure the necessary thermal stability of the new machine as well as the milling spindles, which achieve a speed of 40,000 rpm. The machines feature X-, Y- and Z-axis travel of 8.28" × 10.63" × 14.17".  The tool magazine accommodates up to 2 × 48 tools and can be loaded and unloaded while the machine is running.

Furthermore, the high-performance centers can be fully automated with the Variocell handling system. The Variocell Uno compact robot cell features a handling robot and a workpiece storage unit with space for twelve pallets. 


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