Locating and Mounting Systems Boost Precision

Fixtureworks offers the integrated mPower workholding system from Modern Industries.

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Fixtureworks offers the integrated mPower workholding system from Modern Industries. Consisting of the SpeedLoc mounting system and ModLoc modular tooling columns, these products are designed for flexibility. According to the company, setup and fixture changes can be made in seconds, which optimizes throughput and reduces operating costs. 
The patent-pending SpeedLoc quick-change fixturing/mounting system consists of two parts, a highly precise locator and a receiver, both made of heat-treated, high-strength alloy steel. When locked into place by its cap screw locking device, the mounting system can create a maximum hold-down force in excess of 45,000 lbs. Installation or disassembly of the locator and receiver typically can be done in a minute and a half or less. Workholding accuracy is within ±0.0004", and a self-extracting mechanism eliminates the need for prying, pounding or using jack screws to separate fixture and base plates. According to the company, the mounting system can be removed easily from counter-bored installations.
The quick disassembly feature eliminates binding problems, which can compromise alignment accuracy, damage fixturing and increase downtime due to lengthy change-outs, the company says. A compact, flush-mount design option enables the locator head to lie flush with the fixture plate surface. The mounting system is suitable for use with HMCs, VMCs, CNC turning machines, forming equipment, welding equipment, transfer lines, assembly equipment and plastic molding machines.
The patented ModLoc series combines strength and advanced structural to produce a modular tooling column system that offers quick assembly, rigidity, precision, reduced weight and an open architecture that easily accommodates hydraulic and electrical systems, the company says. When employed in conjunction with the mounting system, the modular tooling columns can reduce fixture plate setup time to less than one minute. The relatively lightweight modular tombstones enable HMC tables to operate at optimum efficiency with reduced machine wear and tear. The tooling columns are available in a range of configurations to permit a range of machining center applications.

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