Mastercam 2020 Streamlines Machining from Setup to Completion


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CNC Software has released Mastercam 2020, which increases machining productivity and reduces production costs with 2D as well as multi-axis milling automation features, CAD and model preparation improvements, improved machine configuration, and 3D tooling.

The software provides a series of improvements to automated 2D and five-axis tool paths. The 3D blend tool path is designed to deliver an improved surface finish and to provide stock and holder checking. 3D tooling has also received many usability improvements such as 3D tool icons in tool lists, stop-on-contact functionality when mating insert to holder, and auto-populating compensation point when defining 3D tools.

Mastercam 2020 increases efficiency and reduces job setup time for part machining and programming, according to the company. The software includes the ability to filter inserts and holders by attributes as well as the ability to track associativity. Other enhancements include faster chaining for Wireframe and Solids as well as chain display and behavior improvements.

With improvements to toolpath and machine simulation, toolpath graphics, and other verification and analysis tools, Mastercam 2020 provides programming security and enables informed decision-making. The software moves the tool to a home position between operations when there is a plane change. Rotary axis positioning allows users to simulate and visualize multi-axis movement of the machine tool, while Skip Drill Cycle Pecking improves cycle time estimates.