Material Handling Robot Offers Flexibility for Variety of Applications


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The flexible MH80 material handling robot from the Motoman Robotics division of Yaskawa America is suitable for a variety of applications, including dispensing and material cutting, in addition to material handling. The robot’s long reach enables it to handle large parts. Fast axial speeds and acceleration are designed to reduce cycle times and increase production output. Internally routed cables and hoses also maximize system reliability, minimize interference and facilitate programming, the company says.
The robot features an 80-kg (176.4-lb) payload, 2,061-mm (81.1") horizontal reach, 3,578-mm (140.9") vertical reach and ±0.07-mm (0.003") repeatability. Its wide work envelope and small interference zones enable it to be placed in close proximity to workpieces and equipment, reducing floorspace requirements. The robot is also equipped with brakes on all axes and can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted.
A DX100 controller with multiple-robot-control technology is designed to handle multiple tasks and control as many as eight robots (72 axes), I/O devices and communication protocols. The controller is designed with increased processing speeds for smoother interpolation, advanced robot arm motion, built-in collision avoidance, quicker I/O response and accelerated Ethernet communication. 


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