Metrology Products Showcase Automation, Versatility

IMTS 2018: L.S. Starrett is displaying a variety of metrology products and solutions including automated vision technology, optical measurement systems digital measuring tools and more. 


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L.S. Starrett is displaying a variety of metrology products including automated vision technology, optical measurement systems, digital measuring tools and more. 

One of the new products, the HVR100 “Flip” digital video system can work upright vertically or on its side horizontally. One of these systems will be demonstrating a fully automated metrology solution in which a robot loads and unloads parts on the machine's workstage. 

Also shown will be the AVR300 automatic vision system that is designed for repetitive measurements and automatic comparison to CAD files. It features both zoom optics and interchangeable telecentric lenses for micron-level resolution and accurate field-of-view measurements.

Other exhibits of note include the model No. HE400, a compact bench-top optical comparator with a 16" screen, and two horizontal digital video comparators that combine vision and optical comparator technology. The products feature a custom-designed interchangeable lens mounting system, go/no-go digital overlay capability directly from part CAD files, and real-time video edge detection. In addition, the company’s entry-level L1 computer-based force testing products are designed for production and quality control testing and are said to be easy to set up, operate and maintain. They perform a range of testing including load, limit and break testing, and cyclic count testing.


  • Working With Your Working Gage Blocks

    The uses of working gage blocks are as varied as the number of gage blocks in a large set. The working blocks have an intermediate grade and are often used in the inspection or calibration lab, but they may also be found on the shop floor.

  • Understanding Errors In Hand-Held Measuring Instruments

    Different instruments (and different operators) are prone to different errors.

  • DFGT - Double Flank Gear Testing

    Functional gear testing, also known as total radial composite deviation, is a method of looking at the total effect of gear errors. This test method simulates the conditions under which a set of gears is likely to operate as a result of the gears meshing together.