Metrology Technology Presented as "Smart Factory" Solutions

Eastec 2019: Renishaw is highlighting a range of its products as part of a “smart factory” strategy, focusing on metrology.


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Renishaw is highlighting a range of its products as part of a “smart factory” strategy, focusing on metrology.

The multi-sensor capability of the REVO system on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) is designed to rapidly acquire data about dimensional and surface finish characteristics on a single platform, which can enable manufacturers to reduce measuring time and get actionable data more quickly.

On CNC machines, SupaScan uses the OSP60 probe to offer faster workpiece setup cycles. The system can also monitor surface condition (waviness), which is a critical-to-quality requirement for product efficiency, Renishaw says.

The Equator 500 gaging system accommodates larger parts, and the introduction of IPC (intelligent process control) software enables process control automation and delivery of tool offset correction directly to CNC machines from the gage.

The company is also highlighting its metrology software developments as well as advances in additive manufacturing technology and software. 


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