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7/10/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mikron Multistar CX-24 Shortens Cycle Times

Originally titled 'Rotary Indexing Machine Shortens Cycle Times'
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EMO 2019: The Mikron Multistar CX-24 rotary indexing machines produce simple and complex turned and milled parts finished in a single clamping.

The Mikron Multistar CX-24 rotary indexing machine produces simple and complex turned and milled parts finished in a single clamping. Up to 44 machining operations can run simultaneously on 24 stations, with 24 parts clamped on the rotating table being processed from above, below and latterly. Depending on the machining process, the parts are clamped in fixed or rotating collets. Measurement of the parts during production shortens the cycle time, and machining operations that determine cycle times can be divided between several stations.

The machine integrates hydraulic units, chip conveyors and oil mist separators. For more demanding operations, Mikron recommends a CNC version with up to 20 CNC axes.

The new machine is equipped with a Bosch-Rexroth control system for the interpolated axes and the machine table with SS1 and SLS functions (Safe Stop 1/Safety-limited-Speed). A Siemens inverter with SLS and STO functions (Safe Torque Off) for the sensorless spindles ensures that no energy is applied to the spindle and no undesired starts occur. The control panel can be pivoted around the machining center, which is covered with large viewing windows, using a rotating boom construction. A vertical ink ribbon on the side provides visible information on the operating status of the machine from afar.


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