Milltronics Introduces Largest XP-Series VMC


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Milltronics VM8434XP

Milltronics USA’s VM8434XP vertical machining center is built with linear cross roller guides for rigidity, direct-coupled ballscrews for faster response, and a dual-wound spindle motor for faster acceleration/deceleration as well as added torque. The 35-hp machine also includes a heavy-duty belt-driven, 8,000-rpm spindle that generates 365 foot-pounds of torque with a maximum cutting feed rate of 500 ipm.

The 50-taper machining centers in the company’s XP series are designed for applications that need extra cutting power. Features such as coolant rings and washdown systems, lift-up chip conveyors and CNC height adjustment are standard on XP-series machines. The VM8434XP is the largest Milltronics XP machine with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 84" × 34" × 30", respectively, and a 86" × 34" table.

XP machines are equipped with the 9000-series control that includes 120 GB disk storage, 4 GB memory, improved graphic performance, mid-travel tactile keys and a 15" LCD touch screen. The 9000 control allows operators to run parts programmed either conversationally or by tool paths generated by a CAM system. The control also supports the optional ChipBoss feature that algorithmically calculates tool paths and manages maximum allowable cutter engagement.