Motion Controllers Enhance Productivity

Simotion D445-2 and D455-2 DP/PN motion controllers from Siemens Industry are suited for a variety of production uses.

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Siemens Industry, Inc. has extended the upper-performance range of its Simotion D motion controllers. Simotion D445-2 and D455-2 DP/PN motion controllers are designed for use on virtually all levels of production machine performance, from single-axis positioning tasks to complex synchronous applications. The multi-axis control systems  offers not only PLC motion control and advanced technology functions, but also integrated drive controls based on the company’s Sinamics S120 drives. The controllers also feature onboard Profinet interfaces and high-speed I/O. A single controller can support as many as 128 axes of motion, and memory capacity has been increased over previous versions.
The integrated Profinet I/O interface frees the option slot for other expansion cards. The onboard interface is equipped with an integrated three-port switch and facilitates different network topologies such as line, star or tree structures, without the need for additional external switches. The interface supports both real-time and isochronous real-time data exchange, and can be operated as a controller or a device of another controller.
In addition to the Profinet interface, the motion controllers also feature two Profibus and two Ethernet interfaces, as well as 28 digital I/Os, of which 16 can be used for technology tasks such as output cams and measuring inputs with micro-second resolution. 

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