Multi-Spindle Machining Centers Available


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German Machine Tools of America now offers a full line of Samag multi-spindle machining centers and deep-hole drilling machines. Samag builds a variety of multi-spindle machines, including the MFZ series for high-volume cubic workpieces and the modular WBM series for six-spindle deep drilling of rotary parts and shafts. Samag’s two-spindle machines are capable of performing separate, independent X, Y and Z movements.

Generally, the newly-developed MFZ series starts with a 180-mm spindle distance for smaller parts and goes up to 840 mm for large work pieces, available with two, three or four spindles and linear or ballscrew drive technology.

The company supplies complete turnkey solutions, including tooling, workholding, robotic articulation, parts handlers and transfer mechanisms for high-production work such as knuckles, engine blocks, gear boxes, valves and connecting rods. 


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