Multiple-Configuration CNC Lathe


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Romi Machine Tools’ flexible C620 CNC lathe features a variety of headstocks, turrets, tooling and operating choices. Swing over the bed is 620 mm (24.4"), and an A2-8" spindle is standard. The lathe is also equipped with the Siemens Sinumerik 802 sl, which features a 10.4" LCD monitor.
The machine is available in 1- or 2-m bed lengths and with live tooling options, The 1-m bed features a smaller footprint and is suited for chucking work while the 2-m bed is suited for shaft work.
The geared headstock version can be equipped with a hydraulic indexing system with 72 positions for milling and drilling operations. It is suited for users requiring heavy, low-end torque. The V-belt, direct-drive headstock is suited for parts requiring higher rpm and better finish, the company says. With the direct-drive headstock, an optional disc brake system enables milling and drilling operations in 360 different angular positions. The transmission includes a no-play feature that enables rigid tapping. Both manual and hydraulic tailstocks are available.
The lathe can be equipped with an electrically driven, disk-type turret with VDI-40 tooling or a servo-driven WTO tool turret, which enables machining with static and live tools. A four-station, electrically driven, vertical-axis turret is also available, as is a three-position quick-change toolholder.
With an optional manual machining package is available, the lathe can be used in manual, cycles or teach mode, depending on operator skill levels, the company says.


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