New Generation Rotary Table


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The combiFlex system from Peter Lehmann is designed to increase flexibility on the Lehmann 500 rotary-table line. The four base modules (EA-507, 510, 520 and 530) enable users to create more than 170 different variations and combinations. These range from fourth-axis setup with multi-spindle options, to a mounted tilt-rotary table for fourth- or fifth-axis motion. The modular design enables users to change or upgrade existing rotary-table configurations when the machining application changes. The rotary table can be transferred to a different machine and adapt to a new setup, too. It can also change if the workpieces change in size or weight.
The new feature enables users to fit fourth or fourth-/fifth-axis tables in a smaller working envelope. New generations of compact machining centers can integrate the compact rotary tables to offer fifth-axis machining.