Omron's TM Cobot Speeds Integration and Programming

The TM-series collaborative robot from Omron Automation is designed to work seamlessly with human workers to enhance productivity and ensure safety.


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Featuring built-in vision and a user-friendly, plug-and-play programming interface, the TM-series collaborative robot from Omron Automation is designed to work seamlessly and safely with human workers to enhance productivity. Easily transportable, the robot complies with safety requirements for human-robot collaboration specified in ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS 15066, and so requires no guarding. A manual teaching function enables operators to use hand guidance rather than code to train the robot to perform almost any repetitive task in any location, including machine tending, screw driving, gluing, soldering, assembly and more. 

A flowchart-based programming interface and intuitive teaching reduces installation and setup times compared with traditional industrial robots. No prior robot programming experience is necessary.

An integrated on-arm vision system further reduces setup time. Built-in vision and integrated lighting captures parts with a wide viewing angle. Image sensing functions include pattern matching, barcode reading, color identification and more.

The introduction of the new collaborative robot is geared toward manufacturers seeking to boost production and reduce employee fatigue by automating repetitive tasks such as machine tending, loading and unloading, assembly, screw driving, gluing, testing or soldering.

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