Platinum Tooling Imports Henninger Speed Increasers


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Henninger speed increaser


Platinum Tooling now imports speed increasers from Henninger. These spindle speeders include mechanical, air-driven and electric motor-driven styles are available to increase spindle speed. These systems are particularly useful for small-diameter tools that require more rpms than the machine tool spindle offers. Speeders enable using small-diameter tools that require more rpms than the machine spindle can offer. An additional benefit is said to be less wear on the machine spindle because it is not required to run at maximum rpm.

Mechanical speeders are available with gear ratios ranging to 1:8 and maximum speeds of 50,000 rpm. Air speeders can run continuously at up to 80,000 rpm, and high-frequency motor spindles can maintain up to 80,000 rpm with high torque and variable speed options. Many speeders have automatic tool change capabilities and are modular in design for application flexibility.



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