Platinum Tooling Now Imports Swiss-Type Collets and Guide Bushings from Tecnicrafts


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Platinum Tooling Technologies distributes products from Tecnicrafts Industries, a manufacturer of collets and guide bushings for Swiss-type CNC lathes.

Tecnicrafts, located in India, manufactures collets and guide bushings for use on Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, Tsugami, Star, Tornos, Hanwha, Traub, Hardinge, Manurhin-Kmx, Miyano, Nomura and other Swiss-type machine brands.

The collets are offered in steel- and carbide-lined versions with grooved, smooth and serrated bores in standard and long-nose types. Special collets such as V-line, U-line and over-grip collets are designed for positive gripping on delicate parts without leaving marks. Ultra precision (XP) W-type collets are available for tool grinding applications on machines from such brands as Rollomatic, Anca and Ewag. Other collets offered include 5C and 16C types. 

Tecnicrafts’ guide bushings have a carbide lining, providing afinish bore with a roughness value of less than 0.4 micron. These guide bushings include U-line, extended-nose and long carbide bores (Max Land) for special turning applications.

All collets and guide bushings are offered in standard and ultra-precision grades. The bore profile includes round, square, hexagon, rectangular and profile bores, as per user drawings.


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