Quick-Change Mounting and Fixturing System Available in Stainless Steel


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Jergens offers its Ball Lock quick-change mounting and fixturing system in high-grade 17-4 stainless steel. The stainless steel system is said to be well-suited for corrosive, wet, caustic and similarly harsh manufacturing environments. It can also be used in NSF-regulated, medical-grade and other purity-stringent manufacturing environments.
According to the company, the system is able to quickly and accurately locate fixtures onto machine tables. It can be locked and unlocked in seconds with fixtures changed in less than a minute, the company says. The system offers a position repeatability and accuracy of ±0.0005" (±0.013 mm).
The mounting and fixturing system is designed to securely hold fixture plates to subplates with as much as 20,000 lbs (9,000 kg) of hold-down forcer per shank. Fixtures can be quickly exchanged between different machines using the system, the company says. The system combines locking and locating in the same motion, eliminating the need for indicating on CNC machines.

A complete range of stainless steel accessories are available, including T-slot nuts, tapered caps and nuts, lifting handles, Sine fixture keys, fast-acting keys, pre-machined T-columns and four-sided tooling columns, and vises. 

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