Rego-Fix's PG-Cryo Applies Cryogenic Cooling to PowrGrip Toolholder

Rego-Fix has introduced the Cryo-PowrGrip (PG-Cryo), a cryogenic coolant technology based on its PowrGrip system.


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Rego-Fix PG-Cryo toolholder

Rego-Fix has introduced the Cryo-PowrGrip (PG-Cryo), a cryogenic coolant technology based on its PowrGrip system. Produced in conjunction with a European supplier of CO2 coolant, the product is designed to increase productivity and eliminate the need for secondary cleaning operations, especially for medical parts. The PG-Cryo line is also said to enable high-speed cutting in some of the toughest materials.

Initially created for the medical industry, which requires contaminate-free coolant technology for cleaner parts, the PG-Cryo is an application-specific solution based on standard toolholders that guides the cooling medium directly to the cutting edge. In addition to enabling higher cutting parameters, this toolholder — and the quick dissipation of gaseous CO2 following cooling — improve surface finishes and chip recyclability while also eliminating coolant disposal and workpiece cleaning, the company says.

Much like with minimum-quantity lubrication (MQL), the coolant lance diameters of the PG-Cryo are engineered for individual applications, achieving optimal CO2 flow and placement. With metallic sealed collets and cooling CF slots, as well as special HSK coolant tubes, the design is said to prevent CO2 from pooling inside the holder (where it may cause the spindle to ice over) or on the workpiece itself  (where it might create cold-affected zones).

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