Robot Controllers Ease Interconnectivity

ABB’s OmniCore robot controller family offers broad motion control options for the connected shop floor.


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ABB’s OmniCore robot controller family is said to offer broad motion control options for the connected shop floor. OmniCore controllers are designed for maximum performance and reliability during the 24/7 operations of factories making products with increasingly shorter lifecycles. High path accuracy also increases throughput and decreases cycle times, the company says.

The company’s Ability digital offering and Connected Services are built into the controller, as is the company’s SafeMove2 safety software solution. These elements enable the new controllers to turn a connected industrial robot into a collaborative robot, says ABB. OmniCore is also said to deliver a leap in digitalization that makes it easier to connect with a variety of fieldbuses, advanced vision systems and force control as part of a larger digital ecosystem.

The controllers come with the latest generation of ABB’s operating system, RobotWare7. It incorporates new features and functions accessed through a newly-designed, ergonomic FlexPendant.


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