Romi's C-Series Lathes Accommodate Parts Weighing 110,000 lbs


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Romi C series lathe

Romi's C series of heavy-duty flatbed CNC lathes are built with monoblock cast iron beds for optimum rigidity, accuracy and performance. The series includes nine models ranging from the C 1100H with a 28" (720-mm) swing over cross slide and 72-hp main motor, to the C 2600H with an 80" (2,030-mm) swing over cross slide and 155-hp main motor. The lathes feature net weights ranging from 39,700 to 134,500 lbs (18,000 to 61,000 kg); a maximum weight between centers ranging from 33,100 to 110,200 lbs (15,000 to 50,000 kg); and a maximum torque ranging from 12,429 to 44,200 Nm. 

The robust monoblock bed is made of gray cast iron and exhibits extreme rigidity, according to Romi. The cast iron headstock, also manufactured by Romi, features a spindle with Timken bearings. Each lathe is powered by a high-torque, continuously variable speed AC motor. The manually driven quill has a built-in live center with high-precision bearings.

All models in the C series are designed to reduce machine vibration and enable fast and accurate machining at full power. They are ideal for heavy applications in the mining, aerospace, steel mill, and oil-and-gas industries, the company says.


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