Semi-Synthetic Coolant Benefits Aluminum, Steel Machining

Monroe Fluid Technology’s Astro-Cut Micro EP-XBP is a coolant designed for use in high- and low-pressure metal removal operations.


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Monroe Fluid Technology has released the Astro-Cut Micro EP-XBP, a biostable, semi-synthetic, high-pressure coolant designed for use in high- and low-pressure metal removal operations such as CNC milling, turning, drilling, tapping, grinding and sawing.

The metalcutting coolant combines the chemical flexibility of synthetics with mineral oil and a chlorinated extreme-pressure additive along with the efficiency of micro emulsion technology, says the company. The coolant is said to exhibit foam control, hard water stability and tramp oil rejection. It provides extreme-pressure lubricity for machining and grinding metals, particularly aluminum, stainless steels and other hard-to-machine alloys, according to the company. It does not contain DCHA.


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