Sheet Metal Software Balances Automation, Manual Control

Vero Software’s Radan sheet-metal program includes updated functionality that enables operators to have a greater degree of manual control when needed.


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Vero Software’s Radan 2018 R2 sheet metal program includes updated functionality that enables users to have a greater degree of manual control when needed. It also provides automation tools for improving productivity.

Grid Nesting enables users to create or manipulate a nest manually. Users can either allow the automatic nester to continue production or, if necessary, they can take control to fill a space with a particular part or stipulate part orientation within the nester.

Because plasma cutting generates high heat, users may need to reverse the cutting direction of the machine. The Reverse Cutting Direction tool enables users to do this by clicking a mouse button.

The program’s Improved Remnant Handling function updates the calculation of the most effective remnants. Previously, the user had to manually choose the shape of the remnant, but this tool ensures that the best possible option is always cut, the company says.

Picker Arm Movement provides additional automation on the machine tool. With this function, Radan predicts the best way to handle a part. This shifts responsibility away from the user.

The program’s Production Pack feature saves time by eliminating the manual process for each nest. The user may use this feature by clicking a mouse to introduce additional information into the pack. The program produces the pack automatically for any number of nests.

An updated set of Automation Options enables users to create templates to specify steps. Previously, these had to be set up manually. This feature applies to all parts without the need for the user to change anything manually.

DIN Unfolding enhances the way a part is unfolded and places more emphasis on the designer’s intentions, particularly regarding the importance of the radius, according to the company.