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Siemens Sitrans CloudConnect 240 Extends Digital Awareness

Siemens Sitrans CloudConnect 240 collects a second data stream from HART-based field devices, facilitating IoT solutions for the process industry.


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A stylized image with the Siemens Sitrans CloudConnect 240 superimposed on an image of code and a process production plant

Siemens presents its Sitrans CloudConnect 240 (Sitrans CC240) as a new IOT gateway for the process industry. The device establishes a second data channel, independent of the control system, which transmits data from HART-based field devices on Version 5 or later. This channel includes field-level data previously unavailable to the user — without adversely affecting the existing control technology. The system creates a direct connection between the field device and IT or the cloud, not only reading basic process values but also identification, configuration and diagnostics parameters. The system then makes this data available via an OPC UA server or the Siemens MindSphere IoT-as-a-Service solution. 

Sitrans CC240 harmonizes data in line with the Namur Open Architecture information model. This creates a standard perspective on the installed base regardless of the technology and manufacturer, simplifying creation of digital applications for both on- and off-premise environments. This includes asset monitoring and management solutions, especially useful for smaller plants. Sitrans CC240 can connect to up to 64 devices and has an on-board, self-sufficient web server with configuration options and management views. 

Connectivity options allow integration into existing systems. OPC UA transfers field device values and data directly to automation or IT systems, and the connection to MindSphere supports distributed use of several Sitrans CC240 systems — ideal for monitoring globally distributed assets on a central instance. 

With Siemens’ Sitrans store IQ, users have an app for stock monitoring and management in production and logistics. Field devices measure filling levels of tanks, silos, racks or other storage facilities, then transmit the data via the Sitrans CC240 or familiar MindConnect gateways to Siemens MindSphere. Sitrans store IQ visualizes the acquired data and also generates alarms and events. For increased user knowledge, the app can also acquire variables such as temperature, pressure, humidity and binary inputs.


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