Software Combination Enables Machine-Tending Robot Cell Simulation


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ABB Robotics offers two flexible, easy-to-use programs for 3D simulation, validation and optimization of factors such as cycle times, postprocessing capabilities and collision risks.

The PC-based Machine Tending PowerPac add-on for the company’s RobotStudio software enables quick, easy creation and editing of machine-tending robot cells in a 3D virtual environment. This program includes a library of common grippers and station types, plus built-in support for most machines and peripheral equipment. Safe home position movements can be defined to simplify safety.

RobotWare Machine Tending is a standalone controller-based programming configuration and operation tool that can be integrated with the Machine Tending PowerPac. A customizable graphical user interface eases production monitoring and control, as well as automatic program and part selection. The program also provides unlimited access to RAPID coding tools.


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