Soraluce's Bridge Mills Available in Fixed- or Traveling-Bridge Configurations


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Soraluce bridge mill

Soraluce’s CNC bridge mills, available from Select Machining Technologies, are designed for machining large and complex components. The machines are available as fixed-bridge portal machines with traveling tables or as traveling-gantry portal machines with fixed tables. Both configurations are available with a fixed or elevating cross rail; multitasking options; and the company’s range of universal, vertical, 90-degree and five-axis machining heads, in addition to in-line spindle drive options.

X-axis length can be customized with virtually no limit, the company says. The Y axis ranges from 157" to 413", and the Z axis ranges from 59" to 118". The machines are also available with a fully programmable live W-axis cross rail ranging from 39" to 157" and offering interpolation with all machine axes.

Tool magazine capacity ranges from 40 to 180 tools. The standard design provides full visibility of the magazine, protection against chips and coolant, and a sliding window for loading and unloading tools. Soraluce’s automatic head-changing system is also included. Adapter flanges can be applied to any head for rapid and accurate head changes, the company says.

Linear guides feature passive damping systems contributing to stability and precision during machining. The machines are made with a full cast iron structure for rigidity. The drive systems for each axis are also designed to provide durability and reliability. The cross and longitudinal axes are driven by double rack-and-pinion systems by means of two direct-drive motors on each of the racks. This system is said to ensure high dynamics at maximum speeds ranging to 1,378 ipm with backlash-free transmission.