Swiss Turning Center with Automation Options, Four Tools in the Cut

From the IMTS Technology e-Newsletter (Sponsored)


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A new sliding/fixed headstock Swiss-type turning center will show its wide range of capabilities at IMTS 2018, booth 338136. The Traub TNL20 can be equipped to use up to four tools simultaneously for minimum change-over and cycle times even for complex parts. An optional six-axis robot cell integrated in the machine can load blank shafts or chuck parts. The machine will be of interest to connector and medical manufacturing users.

The TNL20 provides eight stations per tool carrier with three driven tools per station, so up to 24 tools per turret can be deployed with chip-to-chip time of just 0.3 sec.

The TNL20 is available in two versions. The TNL20-9 has nine linear axes, two turrets (each with eight stations, max. 12,000 rpm, 2.0 kW), a back-working attachment (four stations), and an autonomous counterspindle. The TNL20-9 can deploy three tools simultaneously.

The TNL20-11 is equipped with an additional front-working attachment (six stations, three of which are live, max. 12,500 rpm, 2.0 kW) on an autonomous X/Z slide. By the interpolation of the H indexing axis of the front-working attachment with the X axis of the autonomous compound slide, Y-axis machining operations or tool offsets can also be easily performed with the front-working attachment on the main spindle. At this equipment level, it is also possible to cut with up to four tools simultaneously to reduce machining times. The TNL20-11 includes a second upper tool carrier with six stations. Three tool positions are live, and one is equipped with a double holder.

Watch a video of this revolutionary machine in action.