Synthetic Metalworking Coolant Replaces High-Oil Products

JTM Products has released SynMax, a line of synthetic metalworking coolants.


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JTM Products has released SynMax, a line of synthetic metalworking coolants formulated to cut aluminum as efficiently as steel. The coolant is said to eliminate staining of sensitive metals as well as surface and vapor phase corrosion. Parts and machine tools remain clean, with a light oil-like film to lubricate surfaces, says the company. The coolants are also said to improve cycle time and tool life.

The coolants benefit from a chemistry designed to exceed the performance of semi-synthetic fluids but without oil and what JTM sees as the historical drawbacks of synthetics. According to JTM, field trials have proven that a full synthetic—containing 0 percent mineral oil—can be used to replace a high-oil product without sacrificing lubrication. The result for operators is machining output yielding more parts per hour while machining steel, aluminum and difficult to machine alloys, according to the company.


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