Through-Coolant Retrofit Capability for Live Tooling Heads


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The reCool system from Rego-Fix is an alternative to through-coolant-dedicated live tooling heads that enables standard external-coolant live tooling heads to be quickly and easily equipped on turning machine turrets with through-coolant capability. According to the company, the system offers the same benefits as through-the-tool coolant delivery, such as longer tool life, more efficient chip control, reduced heat generation and shorter cycle times. The system accommodates collet sizes ranging from ER 16 to ER 40 and is capable of handling cutting speeds ranging to 6,000 rpm while delivering coolant pressures as high as 300 psi. It retrofits onto existing straight and angled live tooling heads with ER outputs.

The reCool system consists of four components: a special clamping nut with outer ring, a coolant pipe, a straight fitting and an elbow fitting. The four kit connectors thread onto most common types of live heads with straight thread holes, and a range of adapters are available. Through its clamping nut, the system induces a tooling head’s external coolant supply into the collet holder cavity and prevents coolant from seeping back into the internal component of the live tooling head. Coolant serves as a seal and bearing, reducing friction and dissipating heat.