Tool Performs Counterboring, Spotfacing in Difficult-to-Access Areas


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Heule Precision Tools’ BSF tool for automated, high-volume back-spotfacing and counterboring enables a counterbore ratio of 2.3×D. The tool is suitable for diameters ranging from 6.5 to 20 mm and avoids the need to turn over the workpiece. Since the machining is done from the same side as the bore is drilled, it is also possible to apply spot faces or counterbores in areas that are difficult to access, such as bores between the forks of yokes or screw-head countersinks. The tool can cut aluminum, high-grade steel, Inconel and titanium, and its components are designed for ease of replacement in the case of wear. Designed for use on a machine equipped with internal coolant of approximately 20-bar working pressure, the blade unfolds by activating the spindle with an initial rpm and by the gravity of its own weight, and is folded back on demand with an impulse of the internal coolant.


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