Turn-Mill Capable of Additive Manufacturing


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WFL Millturn Technologies will display the 4,500-mm M80 Millturn, a hybrid machine which combines turn-mill capabilities with additive manufacturing. The M80 has been equipped with a 6-kW high-performance laser for melting powdered metals and low-distortion hardening. The machine also provides high build-up rates for cladding, making it possible to create nearly any geometric form through the use of the machine’s NC-axis capabilities. This enables the efficient, complex manufacturing of cooling channels or curved, connecting flanges.

The company will also display the smaller M50 Millturn for gear cutting. 



  • Cylinder Head Porting On A Turn/Mill Machine

    This complex milling operation is performed effectively on a machine that does turning.

  • Applying Turn-Milling

    Combining a rotating tool with rotating work produces a machining operation that is distinct from standard turning or milling.

  • B-Axis Turn/Mills Have Their Place

    The additional rotary milling axis on these machines allows them to complete many types of complex parts in a single setup, but these machines have gained a reputation for being difficult to program. Today’s CAM software, however, eases the programming challenge significantly.