Updated Software Features Threading and Grooving Improvements

SmartCAM version 19.5 from SmartCAMcnc is designed to improve turning and milling applications as well as usability.


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SmartCAM version 19.5 from SmartCAMcnc is designed to improve turning and milling applications as well as usability. The threading cycle includes thread options such as in-feed/out-feed angles, start/end extensions and spring passes. Thread blunting is supported using an ID/OD groove tool in the threading cycle.
The groove roughing process features options to clean up cusps, finish to size and reverse progression of cuts. The geometry groove element can be defined on a layer as a groove feature and used as input to any of the roughing processes. The part offset path type has been integrated into other roughing processes such as pocket, face, solid pocket and planar roughing, and supports the stay-down option. The process container toolpath can be converted directly to fourth-axis toolpath using the transform-wrap command, without the need to first unpack the container.
A parting process enables cut-off operations to be defined without additional geometry construction. Radius and chamfer corner breaks can be applied to the edges on either side of the cut-off.
For increased usability, the SmartCAM user interface features pull-right menus for direct access to frequently used commands and additional mouse pop-up menus to configure and reposition toolbars. An options dialog box provides access to the user configuration and preference settings. ShowPath verification performance is faster when displaying nibbled- or filled-toolpaths, or reacting to mid-verification speed changes.
The software features a CAD data default destination workplane for imported data, and CAD data can be merged to the active workplane. The geometry text spacing parameter enables the user to specify additional spacing between letters. Macro commands enable easy identification of all defined steps, tools and layers.

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