Vise System Blends Single-, Double-Station Functionality


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5th Axis offers its Deuce vise system designed for low-profile workholding. The vise system blends the functionality of a single-station vise with a double-station vise, mounted on a common platform.

According to the company, the hardened steel construction provides maximum rigidity and clamping force. The compact size of the vise makes it ideal for direct mounting to tombstones on horizontal machines. When mounted to vertical machining centers, the design enables multiple units to be easily ganged together, potentially increasing throughput.

The vise is designed to work with multiple jaw styles. The system features hardened master jaws with serrated gripper teeth and 45-degree dovetails for clamping of a single, larger part. The fixed center section can be added quickly to transform the single station into a double-station vise, doubling capacity. A three-piece soft jaw set is also available which can be used in place of the master jaws for workpieces that vary in size and shape. The Deuce vise system is available in two sizes: the DV56 5" × 6" and DV510 5" × 10".