Waterjet Cutting Head Maximizes Nozzle Life


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Barton International has introduced the Trident-4 integrated diamond cutting head designed for Flow Dynamic Waterjet and Dynamic XD systems. The cutting head features the company’s cartridge technology, making it a direct replacement for Flow Paser-4 cutting heads without the need for an adapter. The company claims that the cutting head provides high accuracy and extended nozzle life, leading to lower operating costs and improved productivity. The cutting head is said to ensure orifice-to-nozzle alignment, which leads to optimal nozzle life. 

The Trident-4 has a diamond orifice which ensures that stream quality remains optimized over the life of the cartridge. Diamond wear resistance is said to improve total system performance. The head features a Roctec 500 mixing chamber and a 0.281" × 4" non-ringed nozzle. The replaceable diamond orifice cartridge can be swapped out for jobs requiring a different size of orifice. 

The Trident-4’s short stop filter prevents in-line contaminants from damaging the orifice assemblies by blocking debris from the most common sources within a high-pressure waterjet system. The filter features robust construction with a stainless steel mesh screen filter. The diamond orifice cartridge is warrantied for 500 hours when used with a short stop filter assembly.


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