Weldcote C-Prime Flap Discs Avoid Discoloration, Workpiece Deformation

Originally titled 'Flap Discs Avoid Discoloration, Workpiece Deformation'
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Weldcote Metals, a division of Zika Group, has introduced its line of C-Prime and C-Prime Plus ceramic flap discs.

Weldcote Metals, a division of Zika Group, has introduced its line of C-Prime and C-Prime Plus ceramic flap discs. The C-Prime discs have strong polyester backing for aggressive grinding applications that do not require excessive flexibility. The C-Prime Plus features a poly-cotton backing with high-quality ceramic grain, which provides more stretch and flexibility, while adding enough strength to maximize the cutting of the ceramic grain.

The ceramic grains in Weldcote’s line of flap discs contain a grinding aid for cooler running temperatures, which reduces the risk of discoloration and heat-induced deformations on the finished workpiece. These ceramic grains are also self-sharpening, a feature which allows them to be used for longer periods of time. C-Prime discs are available in sizes of 4 ½" and 7"; C-Prime Plus discs are available in sizes of 4 ½", 5" and 6".

“The C-Prime Plus flap discs feature a proprietary compressed design that gives the user a tough edge, increased performance and 50 to 60% higher stock removal rates over standard ceramic flap discs,” says Joe O’Mera, CEO of Weldcote. “These increased removal rates can provide significant savings and increased productivity for our customers in the field.”


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