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Workholding System Speeds Change-Over for Turning

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Smart Manufacturing Experience 2018: Hainbuch America Corp. has released the Today, Tonight, Tomorrow, a modular, quick-change workholding solution for turning operations.


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Hainbuch America Corp. has released the Today, Tonight, Tomorrow (TTT) modular quick-change workholding system for turning operations. The system enables users to switch from OD to ID or three-jaw clamping in a matter of seconds without readjustment, according to the company, maximizing the production of existing machines.

The system enables operators to convert the basic chuck for OD, ID and three-jaw clamping operations quickly. The Spanntop chuck is designed for improved OD workholding with a rugged, balanced design. Inner-diameter capability with the Mando Adapt is enhanced by clamping sleeves to improve holding pressure while cushioning the workpiece to avoid damage. The jaw module can be used for both conventional and larger-sized parts, promoting accuracy through 80 percent engagement of the part diameter. The versatile chucks are suitable for use by conventional machine shops, specialty gear manufacturers, medical appliance producers and others, as well as for automated operations.


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