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Orderfox.com with Celeritive partnership

Celeritive Technologies Joins Orderfox.com as Strategic Partner
As part of the partnership, new registrants to Orderfox.com can use a promo code to get a free year-long license to VoluMill Nexion Essentials CAM software.

GKN Aerospace’s Cedo Nedic

Savings from Sustainability
A project aimed at energy-efficient machining delivered production efficiencies, too.

Tomak Precision

Integrated Software Provides Competitive Edge
CAMWorks with VoluMill from Geometric Technologies helped this shop quickly generate programs from submitted solid models as well as improve cycle times, tool life and machine life.

Toolpath Engine Reduces Cycle Time, Tool Load
Celeritive Technologies’ VoluMill 4.0 toolpath engine includes an Active Chip Thickness Control (ACTC) interface, which is designed to reduce rough milling cycle time, and non-concentric milling technology, which is designed to reduce tool load and improve chip clearance.

titanium workpiece

Toolpath Engine Benefits Extend Beyond Cycle Time
Available from Celeritive Technologies, VoluMill is a plug-in toolpath engine designed to maintain a constant load on the cutting tool and enable machines to operate at peak efficiency. However, as the experience of this firearms manufacturer demonstrates, its benefits extend beyond improved cycle time, tool life and metal removal rates.

Alternate tool path

An Alternate Route For Generating An Alternate Tool Path
A universal toolpath engine for roughing pockets optimizes cycle times by maintaining a constant material removal rate regardless of part geometry. This toolpath engine is not a CAM system. Instead, users pay a monthly fee to upload geometries to a secure Internet server and quickly receive tool paths that can be used with any CAM system.

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Trade Names

VoluMill™ for CAMWorks
VoluMill™ for Esprit
VoluMill™ for GibbsCAM
VoluMill™ for hyperMAXX (hyperMill)
VoluMill™ for Mastercam
VoluMill™ for NCL
VoluMill™ for Siemens NX CAM
VoluMill™ Universal