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CGS North America, Inc. is the North American distributor of CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM Software.

CAD/CAM Software that you need to see perform on your machines to see the difference.

The latest iteration of CGS North America's Elite CAD/CAM software for Molds & Dies, Cam-Tool version 12, now allows the creation of "Special Tools", which includes the unique bottom and corner rad shape on High Efficiency Roughing tools.

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CAM Software Increases Cutter Life, Reduces Spotting Time
IMTS 2018: CGS North America Inc. sells and supports Cam-Tool and CG Camtool for SolidWorks.

CGS Cam-Tool part

CAM Update Eases Simultaneous Five-Axis Conversions
Amerimold 2017: CGS will introduce Version 13 of its CAM-Tool software for 3D machining of molds and dies.


CAM Release Incorporates User-Defined Features
CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its CG CAM-Tool software, designed for machining molds or dies with minimal or no polishing required.

P20 automotive grill mold

Standardized Parameters Make Unattended Machining Reliable
Standardized parameters for specific material and cutting tool combinations help this hard milling specialist manage a highly varied workload with minimal labor.

Software Machines Parts That Require No Polishing
CGS North America will demonstrate the ability of the latest version of its CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software to machine a mold or die with minimal to no polishing.

CAD/CAM Update Eases Job Startup
CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its Cam-Tool CAD/CAM software, designed to machine molds or dies that require minimal to no polishing.

CGS North America Elite

Updated CAD/CAM Software for Mold and Die
CGS North America will demonstrate the latest version of its Elite CAD/CAM Software CAM-TOOL Version 9.1, highlighting its ability to machine a mold or die with minimal to no polishing.

 core side of a taillight mold

Fully Committed to Zero Stock Machining
Milling critical mold surfaces to final size (or even a “tenth” undersize) literally leaves no margin for error. This takes absolute confidence in every aspect of the machining process, as well as absolute confidence that the results are worthwhile.

  CGS North America CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software

CAM Software Separates Roughing, Finishing
Version 8.1 of CGS North America’s CAM-Tool CAD/CAM software features a Protruding Divide function that enables users to separate roughing and finishing programs based on the length of the tool protruding from the holder.

CAM Tool for SolidWorks Cuts Time, Costs
Developed by C & G Systems Inc., CGS North America offers CG CAM-Tool. The software is designed to work within SolidWorks 2011 to enable users to machine hard materials, minimize hand work and EDM, improve surface finish, and cut overall costs.

CAD/CAM Features 64-Bit Capability
The latest iteration of CGS North America's Elite CAD/CAM software, Cam-Tool version 7.1, features fully supported 64-bit capability and is designed to enable efficient, day-to-day handling of larger and more complex model files.

consistent mold cavities

Hard Milling Isn’t Just High Speed Machining
Milling complex forms in hardened tool steel involves more than just fast, light cuts, says this maker of medical-related injection molds. Here are some of the ingredients of an effective hard milling process.

Mold And Die Development Software
CGS North America has announced the merger in Japan, of Computer Engineering and Graphic Products (Japan). The new company started January 1, 2010 and is named C&G Systems Inc.

Software For High-Quality Applications
CGS North America's V5.0.3.6 CAD/CAM software provides high-quality tool paths suited for medical applications, high-polish lens tooling and other products requiring minimal hand work. 

Graphic Products

CAM For Mold And Die, High Speed Machining
CGS North America's Elite CAD/CAM software, CAM-Tool version 5, is specially developed for mold and die machining as well as high speed machining, hard milling and medical applications. The MX-S5 option is available for applications that require a five-axis simultaneous output to minimize length-to-diameter ratios of tooling.


CAM For High Speed And Medical Machining Applications
CGS North America's CAD/CAM software, CAM-Tool Version 5. 0, is designed for mold and die machining.

CAD/CAM For 3-Axis Mold And Die Machining
CGS North America offers the latest version of its CAD/CAM software, CAM-Tool V3 version 4. V3 is designed for traditional three-axis mold and die machining as well as high speed machining, hard milling and medical applications, whereas the MX 3 + 2 product is used for multi-axis applications.

CAM Software Is The Driving Force
Doug Noxell knew he had the right software for machining to zero, so he created a shop to add the rest of the capability.


The Hard-Milling Imperative
A job shop that specializes in hard milling shows why this technique is becoming indispensable for mold manufacturers. Hard milling allows mold components to be machined in the hardened state, thus skipping several expensive and time-consuming processes such as electrical discharge machining and hand polishing. Hard milling requires a certain type of machining center, tool holding system and programming software. The requirements for each of these elements are explained.

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