3D Vision System Enables Robotic Bin-Picking Automation

Position and orientation data gathered by a 3D vision system enables this robot to remove parts randomly located in a bin.


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In this video, a FANUC M-20iA robot serving two Robodrills used position and orientation data gathered by a 3D vision system to remove parts randomly located in a bin. To begin a new cycle, the 3D vision sensor mounted high above the bin measures the entire bin contents to detect individual parts in three dimensions. A vacuum device on the robot arm then pulls an identified part from the bin and drops it on a fixtureless staging station. An overhead 2D camera next determines the orientation of that part on the staging station to enable the robot to grip the part and deliver it to the first Robodrill for OP10 work. Parts moved to and then completed on the second Robodrill are finally delivered to a conveyor that transports them out of the cell.

This demonstration was shown during an April 2012 an open house at Fanuc's headquarters in Japan.


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