Custom Macros Can Skip Holes After Replacing Broken Tools

Using “vacant” local variables enables CNC machinists to create custom macros that can target multiple types of machining work.


ERP Makes Social Distancing Possible at Make-to-Order Shops

As we all learn to cope with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the case for cloud-based ERP has never been clearer.

5 Reasons Why Machine Shop Ownership Is Changing

Mergers, acquisitions and other ownership changes are an effect of Boomer-age shop owners retiring, but only in part. Also important: The way we think about machining has changed.    

Methods Moves Chicago Technical Center to Gilberts

Methods Machine Tools has moved its Chicago Technical Center from Elgin, Illinois, to Gilberts, Illinois, saying the new facility will speed up repair and installation times.

Mitutoyo AI Inspect Uses AI-Enhanced Visual Defect Analysis

Mitutoyo’s AI Inspect program enables operators to leverage AI-enhanced modules for visual defect analysis.

Hypertherm Rotary Tube Pro 3 Simplifies Tube Part Cutting

Hypertherm’s Rotary Tube Pro 3 includes updated features like common line cutting and comprehensive costing to simplify the user experience of designing and cutting tube parts.

Reynolds Machinery Recognized As 2020 Top Hurco Distributor

Hurco has recognized Reynolds Machinery as its 2020 top distributor in unit sales — a first for Reynolds, though it has come close several times in the past.

Datanomix Fusion Enables Eptam to Visualize Facility, Optimize Resources

Faced with rising customer demand for high-precision parts Eptam Precision Plastics used Datanomix Fusion to streamline data collection, improve quote accuracy and discover training gaps.

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is Scalable, Cloud-Based

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP is a cloud-based software solution that gives users real-time visibility and control over manufacturing and business operations.

Probing Feedback Keeps CNC Machining On Track

CNC machine tools that operate like self-contained, automated smart factories can be an introduction or an addition to digital manufacturing workflows.

Up! Network Wins a MobileWebAward

The Up! Network has won the 2020 Best Manufacturing Mobile Application award in the Web Marketing Association’s “Best of Industry” category.

Modifying Feed Rate for Circular Motion Commands

Maintaining a constant feed rate between linear and circular milling easily leads to chatter — for most applications, increase feed rate on external arcs and decrease it for internal.    

United Grinding's Digital Solutions Aid Maintenance and More

United Grinding’s Digital Solutions app and software can facilitate process optimization and simplify maintenance tasks through monitoring and conference capability, respectively.

Hexagon Recreate Streamlines Reverse Engineering Processes

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Recreate provides a single digital working environment for reverse engineering, from scanning to 3D CAD modeling.

Five 3D Printing Trends Mirrored in Machining

The underlying drivers of additive manufacturing’s advance are increasingly easy to spot on increasingly digitalized machine shop floors.

Okuma Launches Conversational Programming on Select Machines

Okuma has launched its Advanced One Touch-Interactive Graphics Function (AOT-IGF) conversational programming software on select machines, increasing usability and speeding up setup times.

Siemens Teamcenter Quality Aids Quality Management

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Teamcenter Quality suite keeps quality, manufacturing and engineering teams in sync, simplifying continuous improvement efforts.

Anca's AIMS Enables Modular Automation Capability

The Anca Integrated Manufacturing System is a modular automation approach for tool production that reduces downtime, streamlines handling and enables lights-out manufacturing.

Let’s Finish Closing the Quoting Gap

Sharing accurate, timely and actionable data is the key to an effective, respectful relationship between a machining job shop and the subcontracting finishing shop. Software that streamlines the quoting process can make this happen.

Sodick Proprietary Linear Drives Maximize Machine Accuracy

Sodick’s K4HL CNC small hole drilling machine and AL G series die-sinker EDMs feature the company’s proprietary rigid linear motor drives for increased accuracy.

Siemens and EOS Partner to Improve AM Efficiency

Siemens and EOS North America have expanded their AM partnership, with EOS reselling Siemens NX solutions, which now integrate with EOSPrint2.

Datanomix Debuts Fusion GEMBA Functionality

Datanomix has launched its Fusion GEMBA product, which automatically gathers data from company ERP systems to produce a real-time GEMBA board.