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CYCLO COOL Advanced Technology Fluids

(Sponsored Content) The metal manufacturing industry is dynamic and evolving toward medical and aerospace titanium machining applications. MAG’s CYCLO COOL Advance Technology Fluids are meeting the titanium machining challenges with CYCLO COOL 5000. This unique metalworking fluid exceeds conventional cutting fluid lubrication capabilities and is proven to reduce tooling cost and increase production.


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When machining titanium, there is a tremendous effort to create processes and tools to transfer heat from the tool to the titanium chip. However, premium metalworking fluids also play a significant role in tool heat removal, which ultimately increases your tool life. CYCLO COOL 5000 contains a unique patented lubrication technology specifically designed for the machining of titanium. The lubrication package contains a blend of lubricants that exceeds conventional cutting fluid capabilities and is helping customers meet tool life benchmarks and increase production.

Most recently, a customer purchased several MAG high torque machines for the machining of aerospace titanium parts. These machines were charged with CYCLO COOL 5000 at 7% to 9% concentration. The nozzle pressure ranged from 400 to 500 psi with 1500 high pressure fluid for extremely difficult applications. Not only was the customer impressed with the CYCLO COOL 5000 sump life, low product concentrate usage and excellent operator acceptance, there was a documented 10% to 20% increase in plunge milling, drilling, roughing, reaming and finish machining.

Another customer machining aerospace 5553 titanium was having tremendous difficulties meeting tool life benchmark with conventional machining processes. With the combination of MAG’s Titanium Profiler HSK 125A, CYCLO CUT cutting tools and CYCLO COOL 5000, the customer experienced 10 hours of tool life with six regrinds remaining on the tool.

To receive CYCLO CUT and CYCLO COOL product catalogs or for more information on MAG’s productivity solutions, please contact Will Gruber at 859.534.4597, Will.Gruber@mag-ias.com, or Roger Romas at 859.534.4574, Roger.Romas@mag-ias.com or email a request for quote to info-psus@mag-ias.com.