Hybrid Multitasking Machines Merge Subtractive and Additive Capabilities

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Subtractive vs. additive manufacturing is no longer an either/or question. A new class of machine tool combines multitasking machining with laser metal deposition, welding processes and gear cutting.


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Mazak’s new HYBRID multitasking lineup broadens the subtractive capabilities of these machines, offering new ways to perform gear skiving and hobbing. The HYBRID lineup also adds powerful additive manufacturing and joining solutions like laser and multi-laser metal deposition, hot wire deposition (HWD) as well as friction stir welding.

Additive manufacturing and joining represent the point at which the HYBRID revolution takes multitasking to the next level.

In the past, a part produced with an additive process would need finishing with traditional subtractive CNC machining, adding cost on top of cost. But HYBRID requires no separate second machine and no additional setups to bring “DONE IN ONE” multitasking to an even wider range of applications…READ MORE.