IMTS Spark Knowledge Centers Provide In-Depth Manufacturing Information

Gardner Business Media and AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology have partnered to produce in-depth knowledge centers addressing key topics in manufacturing that will shape the industry in years to come.


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Knowledge center topics

Modern Machine Shop publisher Gardner Business Media and AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology are debuting 10 Knowledge Centers as part of IMTS Spark, the digital conference and exhibition currently underway in place of this year’s in-person International Manufacturing Technology Show. These Knowledge Centers will be live throughout the duration of the digital event, which will run through March 2021. They are designed to provide a deep-dive into 10 concepts manufacturers need to understand for their businesses today:

  1. Why Multitasking
  2. Practical Approaches to Automation
  3. 5-Axis Machining
  4. Top Shops
  5. Digital Manufacturing
  6. Trends in Automotive
  7. Additive Manufacturing for Production

Three more Knowledge Centers are soon-to-come. Each topic is designed to explore manufacturing trends that will shape the future course of manufacturing, with additional pages focusing on subtopics within. These Knowledge Centers open with an overview of their topic and include videos of technology in action, expert interviews and more. Hyperlinks throughout connect to relevant, in-depth articles from Modern Machine Shop, as well as sister publications.

“Our editorial team walks you through the Knowledge Center topic in a progression that’s much like a multimedia master class,” says Kate Hand, director of Content and Web at Gardner Business Media. “Site visitors can browse articles, videos, commentaries and white papers and come away with a solid base of knowledge. They can even reach out to the expert with any questions they have.”

The Knowledge Centers are designed to be easy to follow, easy to share and fun to explore. “The IMTS Spark Knowledge Centers are the perfect resource for managers to send to their team as a free educational resource,” Hand says.

The information in the Knowledge Centers is free. While visitors will not need to register for IMTS Spark to access the Knowledge Centers, both sponsors recommend doing so to tune in to linked efforts such as the Shop Talk Educational Series, Additive In-Depth and the Parts Cleaning Series, which are available on demand for registrants, as well as other IMTS Spark programming.