Webinar: Practical Tips for Unattended Machining

A free webinar presented by Autodesk October 19 will address tips and techniques to help shops begin machining unattended.


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Unattended machining has myriad benefits: increased production capacity, greater machine uptime, optimized setup times and quicker deliveries, to name a few. However, the thought of walking in the next day to bad parts or a crashed machine makes some shops hesitant to dive right in to lights-out production.

For these companies, starting slow might be the best answer. In fact, there are some strategies that can be put in practice right away, at the beginning of the journey toward unattended machining. For example, ensuring your tool holders do not interfere with your part, probing the tool to ensure there are no problems, and double-checking your clamping system against your CAM cutter path.

An upcoming webinar presented by Lars Christensen, CAM technical marketing manager of Autodesk, will share tips and techniques to help you get started. This free webinar takes place October 19 at 2 p.m. EDT.

Register for the webinar here.