Five-Axis Machining Centers

Running Unattended at Night Lets Machine Shop Serve New Customers During Day

By: Peter Zelinski

Precision Tool Technologies found capacity for diversification not by adding machines, people or space, but by freeing up time. Running unattended—running so it can machine through all 168 hours in the week—has enabled this shop to use hours when staff is present to deliver work that lands outside its established specialty. To achieve unattended machining, some of the biggest challenges have related to basic details such as chips and coolant.

Shop Management Software

ERP Software Gives Shop Control Over Scheduling

By: Jedd Cole

After relying on time cards for labor tracking and dealing with hot stickers on almost every job, Watson Grinding switched to Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software for automated tracking and intuitive scheduling. 


Keeping Blanchard Grinding Current

By: Emily Probst

What do you do when a large portion of your business depends on machine tools that are more than 30 years old? You roll up your sleeves and perform some of the maintenance of your machines yourself, even if you are the company’s VP, because that maintenance is crucial to the shop’s success. 

What Machining Facility Should MMS Write About Next? Maybe Yours

By: Peter Zelinski

The articles we develop often start with a manufacturing leader letting us know about the special way their shop is advancing or succeeding.


Is It a Gaging Display or a Computer?

By: George Schuetz

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Milling Tools

Tool Setting Fixture Boosts Process Security for High-Volume Shop

By: Jedd Cole

Along with switching to a different milling tool to improve surface finishes on aluminum parts, Alupress also employed Mapal's Uniset-P setting fixture to make the process reliable and efficient. 

Holemaking Tools

Drilling and Chamfering Tool Solves Machine Shop's Vexing Problem

By: Jedd Cole

An oil & gas part with a lot of holes required that Utex use two different tools to ensure burr-free inner and outer diameters. With Heule’s Vex-S tool, the shop realized time savings per cycle of an entire minute by performing drilling and chamfering in a single step.


3 Major Trends in Manufacturing (And They All Begin with “A”)

By: Peter Zelinski

Peter Zelinski sees three long-term trends that continue to reshape manufacturing.

Capital Spending Survey Projects 5% Decline in Machine Tool Buying for 2020, but Spending Level Still Above Average

By: Steven Kline, Jr.

Machine tool buying is predicted to be down but still strong. Job shop spending is predicted to be 10% above its five-year average.

What Makes a Top Shop Profitable?

By: Eli Plaskett

The data from Gardner Intelligence's Top Shops survey can show us how technology and management tools relate to earnings and profit in machine shops. Register for this webinar to learn about some of the specific findings from the survey.

10 Steps to a More Organized Work Area

By: Wayne Chaneski

Workplace organization can be overwhelming. Break it into smaller steps to make it more manageable.


Temperature-Activated Adhesive Overcomes Limits of Magnetic and Vacuum Workholding

By: Peter Zelinski

This new chemistry-based solution for five-sided machining allows for a diversity of metals and other workpiece materials to be used along with aggressive cutting forces.