Liebherr Showcases Part Recognition Technology

Liebherr is showing off a vision system for its automation platform that provides accurate part recognition at 0.5-millimeter accuracy. 


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Liebherr, the manufacturer of gear and automation technology, is showing off a vision system that provides accurate part recognition at 0.5-millimeter accuracy. The vision system is designed to be used with an eight-axis robot arm to enable picking components from transport bins up to a meter deep. It uses a combination of blue laser and camera imaging to achieve this level of accuracy. The accurate vision system can enable robots to identify parts quickly while reducing the risk of collision, enabling the manufacturer to adapt the automation system to a variety of different jobs.

According to the company, more and more small manufacturers are investing in flexible automation systems that enable them to dedicate the talents of their workers towards more complicated tasks. This enables shop owners to benefit from their employees’ skills, while the workers can further develop their abilities. 

Attendees can see the Liebherr vision system on display at the company’s booth.