7/19/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Bourn & Koch Promotes Joe Goral to Business Unit Manager

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Bourn & Koch recently promoted Joe Goral Sr. as its new business unit manager for grinding machine tools.


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Bourn & Koch Inc. recently announced that Joe Goral Sr., has accepted a position as business unit manager for grinding machine tools. Mr. Goral has worn many hats at the company. His first position was inside sales for the Bullard & King machine tool lines in 2013. He then served as technical support engineer, where he was responsible for executing a new marketing strategy for the company’s machine tools. Most recently, he was the product manager for grinding machines, where he was responsible for developing key accounts for grinding machine tools, developing standard grinding machine tool products and working directly with customers on application-based sales. 

In his new role as business unit manager, Mr. Goral will develop and grow the Springfield vertical grinder and Blanchard rotary grinder product lines. He will work with the sales and engineering teams to align the products with customer requirements and opportunities. He will also work with his teams to develop custom-engineered grinding machine tool solutions to meet application-specific manufacturing challenges. He is responsible for increasing brand awareness and marketing for the grinding machine tool lines.

Mr. Goral will be debuting a redesigned Blanchard grinder at a special event in late 2018. “We have been working on the Blanchard redesign project for some time,” explains Mr. Goral. “I personally am very excited to be a part of this process. This redesign will serve as a launch point to take the Blanchard and Springfield lines to the next level.” The company will also be exhibiting at IMTS 2018 in Chicago.


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